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Online Istikhara for Love Marriage

Istikhara Love Marriage
Online Istikhara for Love Marriage
A superb easy Istikhara Love Marriage with instant response. This has helped thousands of brothers and sisters in Islam. 100% Tried and Tested Istikhara Love Marriage. Strong Istekhara for Marriage to a Specific Boy or Girl.

Love Marriage Istikhara Urdu

Make a Dua for Istikhara Love Marriage

Make a Dua after when you recited all the prescribed things (mentioned on the below). The best way to make a dua is to ask ALLAH in a very generous way. Let’s see an example of this:

“O ALLAH! Detach our hearts from the time being worldly things, and the rest of this perishable world. Let your Love overpower us. Grant us comfort and safety in this perishable world and in the Hereafter.

O ALLAH! let us meet Your Lovers.” “O ALLAH! Let us meet them wherever they are residing. O ALLAH! Grant us the foresight to recognize them, let them meet us, let us all meet them. O ALLAH! If we fail to meet them because of our weakness, let them meet us.” “O ALLAH! Let us become pious and your devotee in the true love of Yours.

O ALLAH! Grant us the opportunity to follow the correct way of our elders. The way towards salvation. Let us inculcate their character and deeds in our characters. Grant us hearts like their hearts. Melt our hearts through Your words.

O ALLAH! Grant us a beautiful end through Your Beautiful Mercy. Fulfill our needs. Grant the wishes of those who could not be present in this dua. Forgive the petty and grevious sins of entire Ummah.

Let us appreciate it and let us be blessed by its light and blessings. Grant us the good which we ask and also that which we have not asked.”

“O ALLAH! Through the blessedness Your Beloved Prophet Muhammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam, and through the blessedness of His honorable family, the progeny of our pious predecessors who are not present here, and through the virtue of the blood of our predecessors, I ask you to fill our hearts with the fire of Your Love.”

A glimpse to know about How to Perform ‘Istikhara Love Marriage’?

After obligatory prayer of the night, in the state of an ablution. Recite with intention of knowing the results of marrying with a particular boy/girl and then sleep without talking to anyone, remember if you talk you won’t get the correct results.

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